Sunday, March 30, 2014

My favorite Jumper And Sweater

This is by far my favorite and most comfortable outfit of the moment. I practically wear it every weekend. Normally I wear it with my rainbow socks but unfortunately I forgot to wear them. These pictures where taken in a building near my apartment. I love going for walks in LA , there is always something new to discover or see. :D
 Sweater/Jumper: Vintage Etsy, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Socks: Target, Rainbow Cuffs: American Apparel  Pictures by:ThaMuteOne

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Day :D

So this is what I wore on Thanks Giving Day! I had to wear something nice for the occasion! And  OMG this Gumby plushy toy is the most adorable thing ever. Each time I see it , I want to hug it and carry it with me every where! It's simply adorable! ......:D After
 Thanks giving dinner I  watched A Charlie Brown Thanks Giving my family! I cannot end Thanks Giving Day without watching this movie! Me n my little sister used to watch this movie ever since we were little. :D I's a must!! ;
Dress: Vintage Etsy, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Tights: American Apparel,Gumby: Etsy

Hard Core Trails

Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting anything. The truth is my coworker deleted all my photos from this blog and the rest of my personal photos on my hard drive by accident. After that happened she tried recovering everything and she was able to recover most it ,except not all. Then when she returned me my hard drive all my pics were scattered.  I probably had over 5,000 pics! :/ I was so overwhelmed that I didn't know how to organize them or what to do.  Each time I would take a look at them I would get overwhelmed and sad. So I stopped  posting. It still makes me sad.Currently I am in the works of organizing everything once more. Today
I decided to post again because I do miss writing and enjoy sharing my experiences and I apologize for not posting.
I went to another rave last weekend. My second rave after Acid Man. Well first we went to , Give Bass and after being there for less than 1 hour I felt board and so we left . Honestly I really can't stand people who wear nothing but lingerie to raves!  It really kills the vibe. What happened to the  phat 
pants and creative clothes that do not require to be naked!. After Bring The Bass we headed to Hard Core Trails. My friend Flap Jack was djing there so I knew this place was going to be old school. And it sure was! It was a small crowd but it sure was a rave! Everyone was dancing and  everyone was there for the music.   I literary danced for 3 hours straight~  I also got to meet some really nice people and reunite with old friends. It was such a fun  night! :D
Dress:Vintage Etsy, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell,

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Went To See DJ Icey! :D

I went to see DJ Icey two weeks ago with my friend Jackie! This must of been one of those magical, fun nights filled with dancing, laughter, color and fun fun fun!!  The place had the perfect amount of people where there was plenty of room  to dance! And we  got very lucky to have been chosen to dance on the stage minutes before DJ Icey started his set! I was in AWWWE!   I am dancing next to DJ Icey! Really? Yes, it was that kind of amazing night! So magical I danced and danced for almost 2 hours until we had to leave because my friend was a bit tired.  This was a very fun night indeed! :D I can't wait to go out again and dance. I love to dance! :D

 Dress: Cyber Dog, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell,      My Friend Is Wearing Dress: Devo Wevo, Shoes: Jeremy Scott

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Vintage Care Bear Dress I made :D

 I made this care bears mini dress using 60's vintage patterns and 80's vintage care bears fabric. I stayed up till 2 am on Saturday sewing the last pieces of this dress. I find sewing and music combined together so relaxing! And now I plan to make more dresses! Yay! I forgot how fun and easy sewing was! :D

Picture by:ThaMuteOne

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Dress: Made by me, Vintage Fabric and Pattern: Etsy, Care Bears Bracelet: PLUR Trade

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New 60s Space Age Dress

I got this new dress today! I was so exited I had to try it on! And I love how you can change the shirt and make the outfit look different each time. I am beginning to wonder if I have a serious big rainbow problem!! Look at all my rainbow shoes and same rainbow outfits in the closet. I practically own at least 3 pairs of the same shoe. : /
Pictures by: ThaMuteOne

Dress: Vintage Velvet Cave, Rainbow top: Vintage Etsy, Blue Top: Vintage, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Trip!

This weekend I will be leaving to Palm Springs and I will be staying at these beautiful colorful hotel! I can't wait! : D It's called , "The Saguaro"!